We are…

A lawyer to lawyer directory of attorneys who pay referral fees. This of us as a business-to-business (attorney-to-attorney) online directory .

As professionals, a vibrant and healthy practice can often be, in part, the result of some sort of referral between attorneys from different firms.  These situations can arise in a variety of circumstances. Sometimes there are aspects to a case that are outside one’s immediate area of expertise, or the case is larger than one can handle on one’s own.   Unquestionably, client referrals is one of the practical hallmarks of our profession.

The law places strict restrictions on when attorneys may share fees, when attorneys may compensate others for recommending the lawyer’s services, and how reciprocal referrals are to be handled. These rules vary quite dramatically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is important for both the referring attorney and the accepting attorney to consult, not only the client being referred, but the rules of their jurisdiction carefully.  Jurisdictional practice varies from outright prohibition of referral fees, to the requirement of having to work on a case to receive a fee, to the requirements of the assumption of joint responsibility for the outcome of the matter, and/or to client consent, and many variations in between.

Your best source of new business is referrals from happy customers or clients. You cannot receive a better lead than one that has been sent your way with a strong referral. You cannot have a more motivated prospect arrive in your store or restaurant than someone sent there by a raving fan.

We are NOT…

A lawyer referral service who refers potential clients to attorneys. If you are a non attorney seeking, we recommend you call a local lawyer referral service.   In California, a lawyer referral services must be certified by the State Bar and conform to California Supreme Court standards in order to protect clients.   We are NOT certified, in any state, to refer clients to attorneys.